Artist's Statement

Beth Galston is a sculptor who builds architectural-scale environments based on an interest in light and the quality of space. Using delicate materials – scrim, metal mesh, resin, shadows, plants – she creates multilayered spaces through which viewers move and interact. For over twenty years she has built a diverse body of work including sculptural installations and objects, large scale public sculptures and collaborative multi-media performances. Her pieces create a sense of place, a moment of magic and transformation.

Her sculptures use ephemeral processes from nature as a metaphor to explore the passage of time, loss, and regeneration. Collecting leaves, acorns, branches, logs, and seedpods, she preserves them by making castings of their shapes or embedding them in translucent resin, like insects in amber. These simple things – an acorn or a rose stem, for example – are altered so we look at them in new ways. Extracted from the natural cycles of growth and decay, they become frozen moments in time, leading the viewer to meditations on change and permanence.