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Black on Black

1987, MIT Museum, Cambridge MA

This environment was not documentable. Viewers enter a darkened room. Over time, shapes emerge from the dimness, like photographs in a developing tray. It is difficult to distinguish between the material forms – floor-to-ceiling columns of translucent black fabric – and the columnar voids between them. The effect is eerie, like an ancient ruin seen by moonlight. The installation engages viewers in a dialogue between what their eyes tell them and what they experience physically while moving through the space.

The experience of "Black-on-Black" is rather like stepping into a three-dimensional Ad Reinhardt picture. Beth Galston's constructions are a species of painting as well as a species of sculpture and a "participatory environment" into which the spectator steps. -- Boston Globe    READ REVIEWS


Black scrim, aluminum pipe, lights
Dimensions: 11' 3" H x 19' W x 43' 4" L