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Leaf Dreams (Brattleboro)

1997, Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, VT

Tall columns of sycamore leaves strung together on monofilament "grow" up toward a skylight. Fan-shaped golden ginkgo leaves are stacked on wooden platforms and waxed onto marble plinths and stairs in the space, which was formerly the waiting room of a train station.

... To create Leaf Dreams, Beth Galston coated the leaves of ginkgo, sycamore, and magnolia trees in beeswax. They hang, strung like leis, from the skylight and loom like pillars at the tops of wide marble stairs ... -- Art New England    READ REVIEWS


Leaves, beeswax, monofilament, plywood
Dimensions: 15' H x 18' W x 23' 6" L