Art New England, Feb/Mar 1998

"Brattleboro Museum/Brattleboro: 'Verdant Eyes' "

by Charlet Davenport


To create Leaf Dreams, Beth Galston coated the leaves of ginkgo, sycamore, and magnolia trees in beeswax. They hang, strung like leis, from the skylight and loom like pillars at the tops of wide marble stairs on the platform area of the old train station that houses this exhibition. Visible outside the window is a complementary natural form consisting of trailing grape vines that descend three stories to the railroad below.

Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, May 1997

"Verdant Eyes" Catalog

by Mara Williams


Beth Galston's Leaf Dreams brings to mind the contrast between stasis and movement, indoors and outdoors, reality and fantasy. In each Dream, a collection of leaves is anchored to an architectural feature of the building, then takes off in a free-flowing improvisation. I find the pieces enchanting and very musical, visually suggesting gentle lyricism, strong sustained lines, and syncopated rhythms. The building's solidity counterpointed by the leaves' animation create for me a viewing experience analogous to a dream state where reality and fancy meet.