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1984, Rose Art Museum, Waltham, MA

Freely suspended mirrored strips, activated by air currents and viewer movement, create an illusive forest of mirrors and whirling light. Interacting with light from two projectors, the mirrors cast linear reflections, shadows and tiny dots of light that dart around the space like fireflies.

...Perhaps the most striking piece -- certainly the most dramatic -- is Beth Galston's installation using narrow straight strips of Plexiglas and projected light. The metallic strips, suspended from the ceiling of a darkened room, cast patterns of endlessly revolving shadows while flecks of light dance along the Plexiglas foil like the sequins of a dance hall chandelier. -- Boston Globe    READ REVIEWS


Mirrored plexiglas strips, monofilament,
projectors, reflections
Dimensions: 10' 6" H x 24' W x 24' L
(octagonal room)