Utica Observer-Dispatch, Aug 2, 1990

"Environmental Art: Mohawk Valley influences visiting sculptors"

by Jonas Kover


Four out-of-town sculptors are getting the lay of the land as they create things at Sculpture Space, the former Utica Steam and Boiler Works factory in West Utica.

One is making a steel farmhouse, influenced by what she has seen in the Mohawk Valley. A second is digging holes to serve as molds for concrete forms. A third is thrilled with the abundance of wood here and the last wants to implant five tuning forks in the ground to keep the city in harmony.

Galston of Boston changed her style after arriving at the facility. A sculptor and environmental artist, she teaches three-dimensional design at Montserrat College of Art, Until now, she has mainly worked indoors making room-sized environments using light sources, fabrics and scrims to convert a room into an art work.

Without a confined space here, she began to think of Utica and the Mohawk Valley region as her environment. "I got excited about farm structures, farm houses, corn cribs, silos," she said.

The result is a simple-looking steel building, similar to a farm house or chicken coop. The 21-foot long structure is 3-feet wide and 12-feet high. It is covered with perforated metal sheets with the only entrance at the middle. "Some very subtle things go on in the inside environment with light and space. Things are perceived with certain illusions," Galston said.