Sculpture Magazine, January/February 2010

Boston Globe, May 6, 2009

"Looking into the play of light"

by Cate McQuaid

A detailed view of sculptor Beth Galston's Luminous Garden (Aerial)

Getting ethereal

Sculptor Beth Galston has spent years working with light, and in recent years she's been building gardens out of it. Luminous Garden (Aerial) at Boston Sculptors Gallery is the sixth "Luminous Garden" environment and the most ethereal of the ones I have seen. Her father, a scientist who researched the interaction of plants and light, has influenced her work; both of her parents died in recent months, and Galston dedicates this lovely, ethereal piece to them.

She sets tiny amber lights in cast-resin acorn caps, which hover over and amid tangles of delicate wire in a darkened room. Each little cluster of acorn buds seems to defy gravity; this looks more like a gathering of fairies than a garden. The colored wires seem to buoy the lights. The red wires reflect them, so as you wander about the installation, threads of rosy red dash around within it, quick as lightning. All the blossoms of light appear to spring from this tangle of wires, suggesting a reassuring interconnectedness.

Boston Phoenix, Apr 8, 2009

"Pushing up daisies: Beth Galston & Lorey Bonante at Boston Sculptors Gallery"

by Evan Garza

If the phrase "April showers bring May flowers" has any cred, it might ring true with a new installation at Boston Sculptors Gallery. Opening April 23, Beth Galston's LUMINOUS GARDEN (AERIAL) is a glowing plant-like installation of several golden LED flower buds that spring from a nest of electrical wires on the ground. And, yes, you can walk through this garden, which resembles a sea of tangled roots with cast-resin acorn caps. As opposed to being rooted in the ground, the works appear to float, as if moving with the wind. Galston's installation of light-powered petals, which is part of the 2009 Cyberarts Festival, is dedicated to the memory of her parents, both of whom have passed in recent months.