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Luminous Garden (Night Meadow)

2004, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

Viewers walk through this enchanted garden on a meandering pathway, past yellow, orange and purple "flowers" that sparkle like fireflies. Evoking a meadow at dusk, this "natural" place is made entirely of industrial materials. Each flower consists of a cast resin seedpod with an LED light inside, set atop a piano wire "stalk" that sways in the breeze as viewers move by.

Beth Galston's Luminous Garden #2 (Night Meadow) is clearly enchanted. The flowers glow, attracting us with light rather than smell. -- DeCordova Annual Catalog    READ REVIEWS


Urethane resin, LEDs, steel and
brass wire, electronics, fans
Dimensions: 10' x 15' 9" x 21' 9"