Tangle_Garden_NW.jpg Garden_III_3.jpg Tangle_Garden_wide.jpg BG_in_installation.jpg
Suspended: Luminous Garden
and Tangle

2011, Provincetown Art Museum,
Provincetown, MA

In Suspended, I exhibited two related installations that show my evolution over time, from using natural materials directly to combining nature and technology. Both sculptures use acorn caps. Tangle, 2001, is made of tens of thousands of real acorn caps, which I collected, drilled and strung together on monofilament. Luminous Garden (Aerial), 2009, is made of glowing resin forms cast from acorn caps, and tangles of electrical wires.

It is exciting to see how a piece of art interacts with the space in which it is located... -- Provincetown Banner


Luminous Garden (Aerial):
Urethane resin, LEDs, wire, monofilament
Dimensions: 8'6" x 12' x 12'

Tangle: Acorn caps, monofilament
Dimensions: variable