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Luminous Garden
Luminous Garden

2003, Christopher Brodigan Gallery, Groton, MA

This walk-through "garden" is a glowing environment created by colored LEDs embedded in translucent forms cast from seedpods. Attached to thin stalks, the pods float and sway in air currents created by viewers as they pass by. Masses of tangled electrical wires suggest plant root systems. The little lights could be thought of as a life force/energy system of the plants. Combining nature and technology, order and disorder, the installation creates new hybrid forms.

"Luminous Garden" is another spritely and haunting piece by installation artist Beth Galston, who makes a practice of transforming spaces with delicate materials and light." -- Boston Globe    READ REVIEWS


Urethane resin, LEDs, steel wire,
electronics, fans
Dimensions: 10' x 15' x 21'