Reviews for Pathways

Boston Globe, Dec 13, 1990

"Beth Galston: "Pathways"

by Nancy Stapen

Environmental sculptor Beth Galston's installation "Pathways" at the Massachusetts College of Art's Huntington Gallery brings right-angled geometry into the third dimension.

Sheets of rectangular steel mesh are suspended on steel beams, arranged to form passageways through which the viewer may progress. The visitor's itinerary is guided by pathways of perforated steel raised slightly above the ground. The effect is both pleasant and disorienting; the dim light transforms the mesh into barely there--but dangerous--translucent curtains, and the perforated pathways are agreeably springy but unstable. At the same time there is a sensation of clarity and refinement: the space is divided with both the elegance of an English parlor and the shadowy subterfuge of a Coney Island funhouse. Galston suggests that the space through which we traverse may offer pleasure and revelation, but only if we approach it with care and respect.