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Terrain: Sculpture Today

2003, Institute of Contemporary Art,
Portland, ME

These sculptures are made of natural and industrial materials that are repeated and reordered according to manmade systems. "Sycamore Circle," a ring of resin bricks with sycamore leaves partially embedded, plays with the contrast of permanence (the inner resin core) and fragility (the delicate leaves on the outside.) "Tangle" is a snakey rope made of tens of thousands of acorn caps, strung together on monofilament. Its tangled coils are reminiscent of the internal organs or a living creature.

Beth Galston's "Tangle" and "Sycamore Wall," 2000 play on both the strength and fragility of nature. -- Casco Bay Weekly    READ REVIEWS


Sycamore Circle: Urethane resin and
sycamore leaves
Dimensions: 54" diameter x 20" high

Tangle: Acorn caps and monofilament
Dimensions: variable