Casco Bay Weekly, March 7, 2002

"Strange Terrain: Modern Sculpture gets its due"

by Victoria Gannon


When most people think of sculpture, images such as Auguste Rodin's "The Thinker" usually come to mind. A rope made of acorn caps, less so. But that's the idea behind "Terrain: Sculpture Today," an exhibit of modern, unconventional sculpture by 17 New England artists opening at the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art on March 9.

"The show tries to get viewers beyond traditional sculpture," said Mark Bessire, curator of the ICA.

... Taken individually, the sculptures in "Terrain" are both engaging and enigmatic. ...

Beth Galston's "Tangle" and "Sycamore Wall," 2000 play on both the strength and fragility of nature. "Tangle" is a long, meandering string made of acorn caps that resembles a strong rope from a distance, but up close, the medium belies that strength. "Sycamore Wall" is a series of translucent, resin blocks, stacked like a brick wall. Sycamore leaves have been partially encased in each block, their brittle stems and edges protruding.